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Unique Wedding Altars

A tradition that many do not steer away from is the tradition of being married underneath an altar. There are many different reasons that people choose to do this. Nonetheless, it is something that can be incorporated into your wedding décor and can be just as unique as you are as a couple! For those […]

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Country Fab Wedding in San Antonio, NM

A wonderful country wedding was shot & brought to us by the awesome Albuquerque wedding photographer, Talitha A. Tarro. The ceremony was pieced together by Erica and her family in San Antonio, NM—a town outside of Soccorro, NM. Completed with hay bales & a tractor, this bride got the wedding that she dreamed of. More […]

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Chairs! Chairs! Chairs!

One of the most important aspects of any wedding decor—and often the most overlooked—is the choice of chairs for a ceremony or reception. It is terrifying when your guests enter into your beautifully decorated room, only to see a neglected & basic banquet chair. It’s a detail you do not want to miss! Something to […]

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Succulent Dreams

Succulents have been dominating the floral world, especially in weddings. We have been seeing it all from gorgeous little succulents as wedding favors, to adding them in fabulous bridal bouquets, to using them in lieu of fresh flowers as cake toppers. We have a guest post today from a Master Florist, Deanna Scarton of Diamante […]

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Bridal Hair Appointment Tips

When thinking of a bridal hair consultation appointment, you may tend to feel overwhelmed if you have never had one before, or even if you have had several of them, but you feel like your point is not getting across to your stylist. We had the pleasure of speaking with a long time successful salon, […]

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